We launched our community events fund on our 9th anniversary. It provides local community groups and charities a chance to make use of our multi-function events space at heavily discounted rates, with reductions in fees ranging from 50% up to 100%. 

The fund is open to any events which are of benefit to the local community and can cover anything from hosting your AGM through to an open-mic night for local young people. 

If you have a great idea to bring people together after COVID restrictions have been lifted, but don’t have the budget for a venue, then this could be an opportunity to turn your idea into reality. 

Similarly, if you run a local community group or charity and COVID has stretched you to breaking point, and free access to our space would give you a boost, then complete the form on this page and we will respond within 28 days to let you know if you have been successful and how much of a discount we can offer you.