Drink Responsibly

Matthews Yard is committed to promoting sensible and responsible drinking and providing a safe and secure environment where customers can meet, socialise and enjoy alcohol in a responsible manner. To achieve this we have implemented a range of policies and strategies designed to meet the four licensing objectives (as defined in the Licensing Act 2003):

1. The prevention of crime and disorder
2. Public safety
3. The prevention of public nuisance
4. The protection of children from harm 

The following good practice guide is designed to facilitate these commitments

Where there is a doubt as to a person’s age, a photographic proof of age will be sought, i.e. a Portman Prove It card, a valid passport or a current (new Style) driving licence.

All Managers will hold a Personal License, issued by their local authority before their probationary period has lapsed. This will ensure full awareness of the Licensing Act 2003 and our obligations under it.

All staff will complete accredited licensing training before they commence employment. This will cover the 4 licensing objectives and will include focus on issues relating to alcohol abuse and under-aged drinking, including the effective operation of a Challenge 25 policy.

Free tap water will be provided on request

We will take a responsible approach to drink promotions to ensure they do not encourage over consumption.

We will provide reasonably priced soft drinks and ensure that soft/non-alcoholic drinks are given prominent positions and adequately promoted.

We will refuse service to anyone who is, or appears to be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or who is acting in a violent or disruptive manner. These persons will not be allowed to remain on the licensed premises.

Staff will also refuse service to any person who attempts to obtain alcohol for someone who is deemed drunk or under the influence of drugs.

All glassware used will be the “toughened” type.

Information regarding the alcoholic strength of products will be clearly displayed on all price lists and promotional literature.

Notices will be displayed at all exits to remind customers to respect our neighbours and leave quietly. One hour drinking up time will be provided, to prevent all customers leaving the premises at once at the end of the night.

A challenge 25 policy will be in operation at the premises and anyone who appears under the age of 25 will be asked to provide photographic ID (Driving License, Passport of Proof of Age Card).

A zero tolerance policy to the possession or use of drugs on the premises is in operation and anyone found in possession of drugs will have any drugs confiscated and be asked to leave the premises.

For more consumer information and advice around the dangers of alcohol consumption and for help in dealing with addiction, you may find the following resources useful:

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