Safety & Security Policies

The safety and well-being of our customers, colleagues and the general public is of paramount importance to us and we operate a strict zero tolerance policy in relation to illegal drugs, weapons, theft and anti-social behaviour on our premises.

A comprehensive CCTV system is in operation throughout the premises and this is used to monitor and record activity in and outside the premises. This footage will be used for the purpose of crime prevention and is available to the Police and Local Authority on request. Signage will be on display throughout the venue to remind clients that CCTV is in operation and to provide details of the relevant “Data Controller” responsible for the CCTV system.

Door Supervisors
We will employ door supervisors from time to time in order to safeguard our patrons, staff and property. This will often, but not exclusively, be at times when events are taking place on the premises. All door supervisors will be easily identifiable and wear yellow high visibility jackets. They will be SIA registered and will display their ID badge while on duty. Records of all SIA registered door staff and when they work will be retained for inspection.

Search Policy
At any time that door supervisors are on duty, it will be a condition of entry to the premises that any person wishing to gain entry shall agree to be searched by the door staff. Whenever an active search policy is in effect signage will be displayed at the point of entry and copies of this written policy will be provided as a point of reference to any patrons requiring more detailed information.

Without exception, refusal to comply with a request to be searched will result in entry being denied.

The purpose of searching customers is to prevent items that are not allowed onto the premises from being brought in and to protect the venue, its staff and customers while upholding our licensing objectives under the Licensing Act 2003 and the conditions of our license imposed by the police and licensing authorities.

We operate a zero tolerance policy and any of the following will result in confiscation and or refusal of admission:

  • Refusal to be searched by a member of staff or our door team
  • Possession of illegal drugs of any kind
  • Possession of any offensive weapons
  • Possession of other unauthorised items (i.e. incendiary devices, fireworks, laser pens, paint-sprays)
  • Possession of alcohol

Drugs policy
We operate a zero tolerance drugs policy. Anyone found in possession of illegal substances will be refused admission, ejected from the venue and may also be liable for prosecution. We reserve the right to pass your details on to the relevant authorities should we consider an offence or criminal act has taken place.

Weapons Policy
Anyone found to be in possession of an offensive weapon will be denied entry or ejected from the premises and the police will be notified.

Theft Policy
We have a zero tolerance policy towards theft of company, employee or customer property and anyone caught in the act of stealing will be reported to the police without exception.

Dispersal Policy
The venue provides 1 hour of drinking up time between last orders and closing. This means customers can stagger their departure, minimising the impact on residents nearby. Customers should leave the premises quietly and not loiter outside after closing.