Matthews Yard exist was built by the community for the community. Everything about what we do is about being a dynamic organisation that adapts and reflects the communities needs. For the last eight years this resilience has enabled us to become what we are today and offer opportunities to members of our neighbourhood to take chances, test ideas and transform our town without affordability being a barrier to access.

We exist because of you.

We exist as a notforprofit, and as such, we make little money with any and all capital reinvested back into the organisation to keep on keeping on. If you would like to volunteer or do a little work experience, we would love to have you.

Volunteering & Work Experience Opportunities

Events Assistant

The first point of contact for all events related enquiries. Handles email enquiries, room viewings and is a present on major event nights, to handle door, event set up, photography and anything else our bookings need.

Graphics & Illustration

Our whole look is us, Droid Serif and a strange shade of blue. If you get our look and would love to help to this end now and again with any free time, please contact us.

Any paid roles available are advertised here.