5 – 9 Surrey Street: A landmark community hub

If we can convince the charitable trust and church that own the building in to accept our (higher) financial offer to buy the building which has so far been rejected, then we strongly believe that our plans, which, while more primitive at this stage, still demonstrate a better, more sustainable and more positive contribution to Croydon, on every metric imaginable. To help maximise our chances of success, we have decided to put the initial plans in the public domain.

These are the first iteration of our plans and have been produced completely in-house, so while not the polished finished product, we still welcome everyone’s feedback, nonetheless. Maybe by working together, we still have time to apply pressure to the charity who owns the building to accept our higher financial offer and move forward with a development which is in the best interests of everybody.

We welcome your feedback on them and truly hope all involved will see sense and give us an opportunity to collaborate with a broad range of local people and organisations to create a development in the best interests of Croydon and its people, rather than the best interests of a for-profit property developer.

Download our plans here:  5-9 Surrey Street: A landmark community hub